5280 Hoops Basketball Club is an affiliated organization of the Amateur Athletic Union of the U.S. Inc and is recognized as tax­ exempt under the Amateur Athletic Union of the U.S. Inc.'s group determination ruling through the time period ending August 31, 2013.

Vision Statement “Together”

5280 Hoops Basketball Club will:

  • Be a positive challenging environment for its players

  • Be dedicated to player development

  • Be a leader in Colorado Youth Basketball

  • Focus on Team Play

  • Teach the fundamental skills of basketball

Core Values C.H.O.I.C.E

Continuity -

We value progression. Where our coaches, players and parents are continually challenged to learn.

Honor -

We value family and team. Where relationships between coaches, parents and players is based on mutual respect.

Openness -

We value honest communication. We are timely, open, and direct.


We value morale and ethical principles.


We value our community. Where every athlete is given the opportunity to complete regardless of school, school district or financial status.


We value self-motivation and continuous improvement. We are committed to assisting our players achieve their best on and off the basketball court.

Mission Statement 5280 Hoops Basketball Club teaches the fundamentals of basketball where a player is challenged to develop confidence, conviction and self-discipline through competitive team play. “Together”

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