Welcome to the 5280 Hoops Fall Season

Good Day Parents and Players,

Welcome to the 5280 Hoops Fall Season. The season will kick off this weekend September 8th & 9th for most teams. Schedules will be posted tomorrow for those teams playing this weekend. You will always find the latest information on our website http://5280hoops.org.

For tomorrow evening's practice, please bring a check payable to 5280 Hoops for the fall season. If you have questions please contact your coach. We will also need a parent volunteer for each team. The parent volunteer will help each coach manage and communicate with their teams. Please see your coach if you are interested.

Uniforms - We will be taking uniform orders tomorrow however, please understand that these will take about 3 weeks for delivery. We understand that this may be a slight issue for the first few weeks. We are currently working on a solution. New Uniforms cost are about $150. We will have final totals tomorrow. We will not change uniforms for at least 2 years.

See everyone tomorrow at Ranch View Middle School

Thank you